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Dipl. Ing. Herwig GmbH, in cooperation with international partner companies, develops metal alloys, special zinc alloys, and chemicals of a quality that meets the very highest requirements. Specialist knowledge and the latest research findings acquired through the company's close contact with its customers can be successfully integrated in these processes.

In the future Dipl. Ing. Herwig GmbH will be committing itself even more strongly to the international market, expanding, cultivating, and consolidating its global network of sales outlets and partnerships. The company will thus be able to offer its customers greater flexibility and greater market transparency.



Dipl. Ing. Herwig GmbH
Eppenhauser Str. 151
D-58093 Hagen

M info[at]
P +49 (23 31) 9 15 55
F +49 (23 31) 1 55 04

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