Alkalic degreasers for galvanizing plants

Hegaclean 135 AZ®

For immersive degreasing before galvanizing

» Hegaclean 135 AZ® is a white, alkaline powder, which removes impurities of various kinds from steel surfaces. It has good dispersing qualities to remove dirt particles.

Hegaclean 139 A®

For immersive degreasing before galvanizing — emulsifying

» Hegaclean 139 A® is a brown alkaline liquid concentrate. Has good dispersion and excellent emulsifying properties for the removal of oils and fats.

Hegaclean 136 T®

For immersive degreasing before galvanizing — emulsifying

» Hegaflux 136 T® is employed as a soak alkaline cleaner in combination with caustic soda. Emphasize is put especially on the ecofriendliness besides its special cleansing effects.


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