Fluxes for hot galvanizing

Hegaflux 10®

Double salt

Hegaflux 20®

Premium Flux salt

Hegaflux 21®

Acid Neutralizing Flux for top-up

Hegaflux 22®

Extreme Acid Neutralizing Flux for top-up

Hegaflux 30®

Innovative Flux for continuous iron removal and pH control

Hegaflux 40®

Iron Separating Flux to reduce CO2 emissions through optimized process bath management

For continuous iron separation and permanent pH control

Hegaflux 50®

Low Fume Flux

Flux for continuous galvanizing

Hegaflux 70®

Flux for continuous Galvanizing for special parts

Hegaflux 90®

Low Fume Flux for Galvanizing

Special flux for small parts

Hegaflux AS®

Flux Blanket

Base for preparing a flux blanket for wet galvanizing

Flux Pellets Z

Flux Blanket

Pellets for wet galvanizing, also available with foaming additive


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